Estate Closure

There comes a time in a child’s life when, after the death of both parents, they are faced with the daunting task of closing down their parent’s home. They may be faced with years of accumulation. Who gets what? Who wants what? Should I sell it or have it donated? What do I do with what’s left? Then there’s the problem of preparing the home for sale, stopping the bills, magazines, newspapers, finding all the important paperwork and making any needed repairs before buyers come into the home.

It’s not uncommon to find this huge task unmanageable for busy children with kids of their own or those who live far from the homestead. If you need help, consider hiring As You Wish Organizing for all or part of the job.


How will my Estate Closure Assistance Work?

Together we will…

  • Determine who will handle each aspect of this task.
  • Map out which relative or friend will get what and arrange for pick up or drop off /mailing of those items.
  • Refer to an appraiser to find out an item’s value so decisions can be made accordingly.
  • Box up items to be sold, donated, given to others, etc.
  • Dispose of unwanted items.
  • Arrange for outside resources for pick up/move/clean/trash, etc.
  • Contact all utilities, and other companies providing services to the home and stop services.
  • Arrange for a painter or carpet cleaner (or other service) if necessary.
  • Determine if items to be sold will be done garage sale style or through auction. (Referrals can be provided.)
  • Oversee the operation from start to finish.

Essentially the list of tasks to be accomplished during an estate closure is quite extensive. What is listed above is but a glimpse of what lies ahead. Together (side by side) or apart (me working and keeping you abreast of the situation) we can accomplish this task in a thoughtful, and hopefully less stressed way.