Staging Your Home for Sale

Properly staging your home increases its marketability. Staging is not merely making your home beautiful to the eye but a process that allows prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there. It involves cleaning, decluttering, painting, making minor repairs, and lastly “dressing” the home for sale. Let me help you see what the buyer sees so any “objections they may have” can be dealt with beforehand.

Remember, you usually only get one chance to impress a potential home buyer.


How our Home Staging Service Works

Together we will…

  • De-clutter your home.
  • Depersonalize your home so prospective buyers can see themselves living there. This will involve pre-packing all unnecessary belongings for the short-term in preparation for the move.
  • Arrange furniture in pleasing way for home-buyer viewing.
  • Arrange for Trash removal (if necessary).
  • Find new “homes” for excess items no longer needed. (i.e. give to family, friends, charitable organizations, sell at auction, on-line, garage sale, etc.)
  • Arrange for cleaning or handyman services (carpet cleaning, wall painting, necessary repairs) to make your home present at its best.
  • Address the outside yard and entrance. (First impressions are the most important).

Home Staging Per Hour Fees and Block-Rate Packages

Block-rate packages are for your convenience.  You’ll find these packages work great for the budget-minded person.  They save money, and they keep you motivated to get the job done.  Block rate packages are charged ½ down and ½ paid at the half way point in our working schedule.  Down payment is due upon the completion of the In-home Needs Assessment unless otherwise arranged.

  • Professional Organizer   
  • 1-14 hours: $50.00/hr
  • 15 hour block of time: $46.66/hr
  • 20 hour block of time: $45.00/hr
  • 30 hour block of time: $43.00/hr
  • 40 hour block of time: $40.00/hr
  • Prof. Organizer + 1 Assistant
  • 1-14 hours: $80.00/hr
  • 15 hour block of time: $78.00/hr
  • 20 hour block of time: $75.00/hr
  • 30 hour block of time: $73.00/hr
  • 40 hour block of time: $70.00/hr

Additional Services Outside the Home

  • Shopping for decorative items and supplies to make the home look its best: $1/2 the hourly rate you’re currently paying
  • Time spent researching and procuring other service providers for your job:  $1/2 the hourly rate you’re currently paying.

This rate will be deducted from your block-rate package.
See additional information on terms of service page.