Downsizing and Right-Sizing Your Possessions

Downsizing (Often called Right-Sizing) is the practice of examining your current possessions and eliminating those items that no longer serve you. Don’t be scared, in essence, it is making your home and its possessions match where you are in your life right this moment.   You’ll find that when your possessions match your needs and wants, your life becomes much easier and safer.

Why Downsize?

  • Too many possessions have become overwhelming
  • Time to repurpose space to meet today’s needs and desires
  • Death of a loved one
  • Time to move to a smaller home
  • You want a home that is easier to maintain
  • Children are grown and gone
  • Health and safety issues to consider
  • There has been a change in marital status
  • You want to spare your children and grandchildren the unnecessary burden of cleaning out your home later
  • It saves money
  • More freedom
  • Simpler Life
  • You are not your kid’s attic

As You Wish Organizing, LLC is run solely by myself. That means at each and every visit, you will see me, not an employee or subcontractor.


Downsizing Seniors, Baby Boomers and Retirees

Downsizing the possessions you’ve acquired over a life time is a daunting task. One part of you knows you need to do it, while the other part of you clings to the memories these possessions have.

This is where I can help. There is more than one way to keep a memory than actually hanging onto the item itself. Let’s brainstorm ways to do this and then discover ways to help others with those beloved items you no longer need or use.

Downsizing After a Death in the Family

As You Wish Organizing, LLC specializes in helping those who have lost a loved one and are left with the overwhelming and emotional task of sorting through years of memories and belongings. Let us offer our love, care, patience and expertise through this difficult time.