Professional Home Organizing and Decluttering

Whole House or Partial House Organizing

Together we will declutter and organize your entire home or any part of it. This is done keeping in mind any physical challenges you might be living with so that you access any part of your home with greater ease.

Storage RoomBasementGarage
Shed – Out BuildingOff-site Storage FacilityCollections
BathroomLiving AreasTools

Don’t see what you have in mind on the list above, call and ask about it (586) 244-3071.

– Terri


Aging in Place:

The ability to live in one’s own home and community, safely, independently and comfortably, regardless of age, income or ability level.

A properly organized home can help you accomplish that goal.

How Does Home Organization Help Work?

Together we will…

  • Identify goals for each room or area you want organized.
  • Work together to determine what items to keep, donate, gift, or discard.
  • Identify systems that will enhance livability, productivity, and safety going forward.
  • Help in the purchasing, set up, and the education on how to use suggested organizing systems.
  • Arrange for Trash removal.
  • Help coordinate the re-gifting of personal items to family and friends.
  • Donation drop off. (Receipts will be returned to you for tax purposes.)
  • Continued support to tweak new organizational systems until they’re “just right” for you.

As You Wish Organizing, LLC is run solely by myself.
That means at each and every visit, you will see me,
not an employee or subcontractor.

You and I will work side by side and I’ll help you with the tough decisions of what to keep, what to sell, what to gift, what to donate, and what to throw away. You make all the decisions. I’m here to be your support, your motivation, and your helping hand through the entire process.

Please consider As You Wish Organizing, LLC for your unique and confidential organizing needs.

Closet Organizing Services

Closets are a particular bane for my clients.  It doesn’t matter if it’s their linen closet, their broom closet, their pantry, or their clothes closet, things are just not right.  Clothes tend to be one size too big, one size too small, and one size just right.  Footwear is found to be both in-style and out.  Items have come to live in particular closets that really shouldn’t be there.  Towels topple over.  Food gets lost until it’s too late.   And the strange phenomenon of the Twilight Zone where things go into a closet/pantry never be found again.  Let me help you organize your closet from top to bottom.  At minimum, we’ll eliminate all that doesn’t belong and rezone it to make the “Twilight Zone” disappear.  At maximum, we can redesign the entire closet (new shelving system) to accommodate all your belongings and make your closet the show place it deserves to be.  Psst, it adds value to your home too!


Home and Closet Organization Per Hour Fees and Block-Rate Packages

Block-rate packages are for your convenience.  You’ll find these packages work great for the budget-minded person.  They save money, and they keep you motivated to get the job done.  Block rate packages are charged ½ down and ½ paid at the half way point in our working schedule.  Down payment is due upon the completion of the In-home Needs Assessment unless otherwise arranged.

Need help estimating how long a particular job will take? Click here

  • Professional Organizer   
  • 1-14 hours: $50.00/hr
  • 15 hour block of time: $46.66/hr
  • 20 hour block of time: $45.00/hr
  • 30 hour block of time: $43.00/hr
  • 40 hour block of time: $40.00/hr
  • Prof. Organizer + 1 Assistant
  • 1-14 hours: $80.00/hr
  • 15 hour block of time: $78.00/hr
  • 20 hour block of time: $75.00/hr
  • 30 hour block of time: $73.00/hr
  • 40 hour block of time: $70.00/hr

Additional Services Outside the Home

  • Shopping for organizing products and supplies: $1/2 the hourly rate you’re currently paying.
  • Time spent researching and procuring other service providers for your job:  $1/2 the hourly rate you’re currently paying.

This rate will be deducted from your block-rate package.

See additional information on terms of service page.