Home Safety Assessment for Seniors

My 130 point Home Safety Evaluation for Seniors and 120 point Home Safety Evaluation for those with Dementia covers all aspects of the home including exterior, electrical safety, lighting, fire safety, and safety checks for all rooms within the home.

After a Safety Evaluation is completed, I’ll prepare a list of safety improvement, fall prevention, and suggested accessibility modifications specific to you or your loved ones’ needs. You will have in hand a Fall & Safety, Home Modification Prevention Plan that fits your budget and in most instances, can be implemented by you, a loved one, or professional in just a day or two.


According to an AARP survey, as many as 90% of older adults would like to remain in their own homes throughout their golden years.

How will my Home Safety Assessment Work?

  • Identify problem areas within and outside your home.
  • Explain to you why specific recommendations are being made.
  • Identify systems that will enhance livability, productivity and safety going forward.
  • Recommend contractors to help you complete the home improvements (if necessary).
  • Provide sources for any assistive items, such as swing-clear door hinges or grab bars that can help improve safety.
  • Provide you with a check list of all recommendations being made

Price: only $295

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