What is Virtual Organizing?

Virtual Organizing (VO) is a new concept in the professional organizing world. It is similar to traditional organizing were in a skilled organizer works side-by-side with you but instead of this person physically being there in your home, they consult, brainstorm and support you via phone or some computer program or app that provides visual face-to-face services (i.e. Skype, FaceTime, etc)

Are you a Good Candidate for Virtual Organizing?

Virtual Organizing will work for you if you possess these attributes:

  • You are self-motivated in that you can keep going with the task even if it becomes challenging, repetitious, or boring.
  • You are physically able to lift and carry items that you are sorting, purging, and rearranging.
  • You are motivated to change.
  • You suffer from social anxiety wherein having someone over to your home makes you uncomfortable or anxious.
  • You prefer an auditory learning style over other learning styles (helpful but not critical).
  • You are willing to consider new ideas and new ways to accomplish a task.
  • You are able to send and receive photo attachments through your computer’s e-mail or phone.  (Snail-mailing photos may be considered but it could possibly extend the length of time between sessions waiting for photos to be sent and delivered.)
  • You are comfortable using computer programs such as Skype, FaceTime, Instant Messenger, etc.  Using traditional phone conversations may be considered if you are good at articulating/describing your problem area and can easily visualize and understand similar communication from your organizer.
  • You have time limitations that prevent the use of more traditional organizing services that would last 3-6 hours in length.
  • You have a restricted budget.

No Professional Organizer in your area?

No problem. Virtual Organization brings the Organizer to you.

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What are the Benefits of Choosing Virtual Organizing Over Traditional Organizing?

  • It’s a perfect solution for DIYers who can and want to do the work but need a little outside expertise.
  • You can work at your own pace.
  • You learn new organizational skills.
  • You save money because your actual time with a Professional Organizer is far less than if they came to your home and worked with you side-by-side.
  • You possess some natural organizing skills but may be having difficulty in one area and just need a little advice.
  • You possess some natural organizing skills but due to some unforeseen circumstance, life and your home got out of control and you need help refocusing your attention back to the task.
  • You don’t possess natural organizing skills but are motivated to learn new techniques and implement new ways of doing things into your life.
  • You want and need some support through a project but not for EVERYTHING!
  • You want or may benefit from an outside influence to keep you on track through your project.
  • Having the accountability of working with a professional, you’re more likely to succeed with your big project, or habit change.
  • More privacy. You don’t need to share embarrassing areas in your home.  You can limit what the Organizer sees and not sees.
  • Easier to schedule. With short sessions between you and the Organizer, it’s easier to fit a session into your busy schedule.

Virtual Organizing is not recommended to anyone who is chronically disorganized, physically ill or incapacitated, has been diagnosed with a hoarding disorder, has great difficulty discarding, donating or gifting their unneeded or unused belongings, or is not mentally or emotionally ready to dig into their project.

In most of these instances, having a Professional Organizer come to your home would serve you much better.

How Does Virtual Organizing Services Work?

Individual Virtual Organizing Sessions include:

  • An hour of 1-to-1 conversation (brainstorming) with your organizer discussing your personal organizing challenges and goals.
    • During this session a plan of attack will be formalized based upon your goals.
    • A Project Session Journal will be written and e-mailed to your home outlining the project goals and methodology for you to use during the upcoming week (or until the next session).
  • As always…
    • Education on organizing techniques and systems/products will be shared.
    • Help with locating resources will be given.
  • Tons of encouragement to keep you going through the task at hand.

Please consider As You Wish Organizing, LLC for your unique and confidential organizing needs.

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