Vital Records Organizing

Prepare for the Inevitable

Having your important paperwork, i.e. your household, legal documents, personal, medical, and even your pets information, readily available and at your fingertips makes life for you and your loved ones considerably easier. As we age, this information becomes even more important to keep track of. Medical emergencies often reveal the lack of knowledge another person has about a loved one’s health. And when that loved one becomes incapacitated or passes, the family is often left to hastily search the home for wills, trust documents, burial information, military records and the like. Now is the time to pull that vast store of information into one easily accessible and organized location. Make this part of your life easier, reduce the likelihood of medical mistakes and lessen your family’s burden and anxiety by getting your paperwork in order.


How our Vital Records Organization Works

  • Determine what documents are necessary to collect following a comprehensive list I provide.
  • Set up a file system specific to your personal needs.
  • Determine best location to keep said documents.
  • Purchase fire-safe file and other equipment (if necessary).
  • Compile information (when necessary).
  • Locate documents within the home.
  • Locate and procure any missing documents outside the home.

Price: only $495

(Includes: Initial file system ready for use, plus 10 hours of service)

Additional Potential Costs: Fire-safe file box or other such protective storage system may need to be purchased.

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